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Toronto Nursing Home Claims

Nursing homes are becoming more common with our aging population. When we think of a nursing home we think about the high standard of care and supervision that they will provide to our elderly loved ones when we are unable to give them the care and attention that they will need. While nursing homes are becoming a reality of our society, we must also be aware of the facts that accidents so occur in nursing homes and, in fact, they occur at an alarming rate. Whether it be injuries from a fall or bed sores, the places or persons responsible must be accountable. When you are in search of professionals to assist with Nursing Home Claims, look no further than Accident Referral Specialist.

Did you know the Ontario ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has a search tool where you can obtain information on the number of beds in the nursing home and the last day the facility was inspected? In addition, the search will provide you information on whether the facility is in good standing and if there are any ongoing or past inspections so you can choose the right place for your loved one.


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Proposed Class Action Lawsuits Claim Ontario Nursing Homes Were Negligent

Allow our staff at Accident Referral Specialist to connect you with the proper legal and medical representation to ensure that your questions are fully addressed and that you are fully compensated for all your pain and suffering, medical expenses and any out of pocket expenses.

We are committed to introducing you to the proper legal team that will deal with your nursing home claims with the highest level of professionalism and expertise on a contingency basis. We strive to create a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your legal team. We believe that collaboration, communication, transparency and trust with your lawyer is an important ingredient to a successful relationship and fair compensation. Let us HELP you.

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