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Catastrophic Injuries

What is a Catastrophic injury?

Catastrophic injuries are best described as an injury that is very serious and often permanent.  Most catastrophic injuries that result from a car accident, slip and fall or other accident or accident, will require surgery and can be life long and life-altering affecting all aspects of our lives.

What are the symptoms?

Most common Catastrophic Injuries include a spinal cord injury, brain injury, amputation, loss of vision or hearing, paralysis and permanent disability or loss of function.  Some injuries may be more difficult to detect such as mood and personality changes, memory loss, inability to handle finances or maintain a daily schedule.

Did you know…

Similar to brain injuries, not all catastrophic injuries are alike.  Some catastrophic injuries include the loss of a limb, paraplegia or quadriplegia and sometimes a catastrophic injury is a combination of a physical and mental injury.  It is important to identify if you have a catastrophic impairment as soon as possible in order to ensure appropriate access to the expanded medical and rehabilitation benefits available to you.

What should you do next?

The best thing to do is to go see your family doctor, walk in clinic or a local hospital.  They will provide a thorough physical examination along with imaging such as MRIs or CT scans, to help diagnose what may be wrong.  Many people with catastrophic injuries may suffer from debilitating side effects that can be life-altering, such as, infections or nerve pain.

At Accidental Referral Specialist, we can help you get all of the assistance you are entitled too. If you were recently in a car accident or any type of slip and fall, contact us for a free consultation and we can let you know how our experienced team of lawyers and specialized clinics and doctors can assist in your recovery.

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